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Island of Rab is an integral part of the archipelago of the Kvarner bay in the Adriatic sea. Apart from the old antique town of Rab, there are seven other small towns: Barbat, Banjol, Palit, Kampor, Mundanije, Supetar Draga and Lopar. Island Rab is home to 9,000 residents who live of farming, fishing and tourism, which has a tradition of over 120 years long.
Long history of Rab starts in the year 10 BC, when the town Rab is mentioned in an old Roman document by Octavian August who granted its independance as a municipium. Rab was a developed town at those times which also proves that it is much older than 10 BC. Its citizens could then already enjoy in theathres, baths, temples... One more famous fact about Rab is that it was the birth place of a man called Marino, who was later pursued in Italy for his Christian beliefs and escaped to the hill of Titan, where he founded a small church which over time grew into the state of San marino.
Except for its rich culture and history, Rab is also known for its many beautiful beaches and natural beauties. It is also known among divers for its underwater beauties. The pleasant Mediterranean climate is one more aditional reason to visit Rab throughout the entire year, wheter during the summer or winter. Visit Rab and spend an unforgetable vacation!

Medieval pier of rab
Rab - sv. Justina
Rab - zvonici
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